Using a Jig Head

The original manuscript contained too many words for the printed world to accommodate. Thus, many of the words never appeared on the printed page. And because the jigworm has played a pivotal role in the history of Midwest finesse fishing, we thought that we should circulate this rambling history via the unlimited nature of the Internet. Our first Midwest Finesse gear guide was published on Oct. We hope to write that history in the near future. Some of those items, however, are mentioned below. The history of the jigworm stretches across 56 years, and the history of the rubber and plastic worm reaches back into the 19th century. The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent in for an artificial worm concocted out of pure rubber. Seventy years later, Nick and Cosma Creme of Akron, Ohio, toiled in their basement, making molds formed from nightcrawlers and filling those molds with a combination of vinyl, oils and pigments. Ultimately their efforts gave birth to the Creme Wiggle Worm in

Top Saltwater Jig Heads

Nor could how it is fished. Yep, you guessed it. You merely “shake” it in place.

Leaders for fast-moving reaction baits topwaters, spinnerbaits and so on rarely need to be that long.

Hook Set Tackle manufactures and sells some of the most proven artificial baits on the market. With all the new things on the market today it is a bit overwhelming for the fisherman. Manufacturers are making baits eye appealing to the fisherman much the way the auto industry does for consumers. We at Hook Set Tackle make and sell some of the most proven baits on the water, baits that do one thing, and do it well, catch fish! Leadhead jigs and soft plastic tube baits have caught millions of Crappie.

We sell the Super Jig soft plastic tubes. The Super Jig is the one in our tackle boxes for one reason, they flat catch fish! The jigheads we sell are made by us using premium quality hooks and are checked for quality by hand one at a time to ensure the barb will hold whatever soft plastic bait you use. All spoons are made with components supplied by American companies and are assembled by our family.

The Cobra Head Jig is a very effective jighead for all fishing. The head design lets it rock and wobble when trolled or casted. When fished for Walleye this design holds the hook up for better hook presentation. We have new baits on the design table and are always striving to produce baits the fish will hit. Because that’s what it’s all about, catching fish.


I have fished these jig heads in all types of water and conditions. I have caught many fish over 5 lbs. I fish a 7′ medium rods and either 6 or 8 lb flo line. I don’t break line and do not have hooks that get straightened.

Generally speaking the jig size used is determined by the depth of water being fished.

Autumn means different things to different people. There might be better ways to catch bigger fish, but when it comes to catching numbers, jigs are the ticket. Jigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. In the fall months, I would be very comfortable in most walleye situations with two different styles of jigs: I would want some Fire-ball jigs when minnows are being used, and I would want some Slurp!

In many areas, redtail chubs are the preferred walleye bait.

: Owner Ultrahead Shaky Head Jig Hook : Sports & Outdoors

The objective is getting to the bottom by letting the jig naturally sink without getting hung up, all while maintaining an appealing presentation to bass. You want the jig to be heavy enough to get through the cover but light enough to have a natural looking sink rate that will make the jig give off good action. Before you select a jig, you should consider choosing a lead-free jig. Most bass jigs are made of lead, and believe it or not illegal in most states.

One lead jighead is enough to kill an adult loon. Jighead Styles There are different style jig heads specifically designed for fishing certain techniques and certain areas.

Top pros on the BASS and FLW tours have used shaking jig worms to win and place highly in prestigious tournaments starting just within the past few seasons and continuing into

And it has been available for anglers to purchase since the late winter of A significant number of newcomers to the world of Midwest finesse fishing are uncomfortable employing a jig with an exposed hook that is devoid of a weed guard. Their discomfort stems from their desires to employ a Midwest finesse rig around the same snag-laden lairs that they plied with their power baits.

Thus, it is a beefed-up Midwest finesse jig that is graced with a nearly invisible weed guard that is made with a piece of stout fluorocarbon line. Of course, the Senko and other small stick-style baits lie at the heart of Midwest finesse fishing. When Yamamoto designed this jig, he abided with one of the cardinal canons of Midwest finesse fishing, and that is a lightweight jig is more effective than a heavy one. In fact, one of the chief mantras of many veteran Midwest finesse anglers who reside in Kansas and Missouri contend that it is often better to err on the side of lightness than heaviness.

Tube Jig Heads For Tube Baits

Henderson, NV One of the most effective and consistent lures for striper fishing is the Bucktail Jig. First, let’s talk about stripers schooling on the surface, sometimes referred to as “boiling”. This occurs when a striper school gets below a school of baitfish and push them to the surface. Once the stripers have the baitfish on the surface, they will tail whip and injure as many as possible. Anglers seeing this action should move to the fringe of the boil and cast bucktail jigs to the outer edges.

Usually a very fast retrieve will bring jolting strikes as the jig resembles the fleeing baitfish.

Even though some observers decisively castigate their tactics as using crappie jigs for bass, these anglers catch impressive numbers of bass.

Just go to your left and ‘click’ on it!!! We just added a new jig to our already-great selection: I wasn’r sure what else to call it, since it appears to be the most popular color on Texas’ magificent Lake Fork fish factory, as well as in most of East Texas and all of Louisiana. The demand has been such that we have had to cut back production of a couple of other colors for awhile, but we’ll catch up!! I think you’ll like this jig color.

We tested colors all Spring and selected the ones that proved best to round out what we think is a perfect selection of HI-VIZ crappie jigs. I think you’ll like them, too. See the crappie page of the Outdoor Store to order. The BEST electronic scale we have ever used. Highly accurate to within 0.


Bassdozer’s Custom Wacky Jig Heads with Weedguard by Russ Bassdozer This shows and tells product photos, product descriptions and information for the lure models and colors that are or have been available at BassdozerStore. Not all models and colors shown are currently available, and exact specifications are subject to change. Some of the following configurations may not all be currently in stock.

Hooked tuna swim in a giant circle, pulling up to yards of line behind them and the fishing line will have a ‘belly’ in it from the friction of the water.

Customer Review Guidelines Comments: This jig and a bitsy bug are the only two jigs I will use. I refuse to use any others. The hack attack is everything you need from a jig. It cuts straight through grass so you can get to those summer bass hidden away under “impenetrable” vegetation. Hookups are very successful, it’s hard to miss a fish with these jigs if you’re setting the hook properly. I will always choose a hack attack over a punch rug.

The thick hook will never flex on you and the weed guard is thick enough to prevent hangups but not interfere with hookup ratio. They are by far the best jig I’ve ever used. I do recommend trimming the skirt, though. I trim mine to just behind the bend of the hook, it helps a lot with the skirt poofing out. I use Bama craw with a tube dipped in chartreuse when they’re feeding on blues.

Jig Ideas for Fall Walleyes

In other words, what do you want to catch? You might catch other species, or you might not land anything at all. In either case, make sure the point of the hook is super sharp. Also, handle the shrimp bait as little as possible. Shrimp are pretty delicate critters.

It also completes the overall profile of the bait.

Chapter 1 As the Worm Turns and Shakes New lures, new equipment and new bass-catching technologies are constantly being improved upon. Read any fishing magazine or catalog, watch any fishing show, visit any tackle shop or fishing web site, and we face a never-ending continuum of new offerings that manufacturers roll out in order to help us catch more and better bass. Despite all the brain power, research, design, field testing, marketing and manufacturing prowess that the fishing industry packs into their latest and greatest bass-catching tools, the fact remains that bass themselves have never wavered in their partiality toward and preference for the lowly rubber worm.

Better than anything else the fishing industry can concoct, the worm still reigns as king of all bass lures. Why do bass love rubber worms so much? Why has the humble worm always been and always will be the number one bass lure? Unfortunately, it is a mystery for which we will never have an answer.

Shakey Jigheads

When a fish bites the bait, that hook slides into the body of the bait and allows the hook point to pop out. The second barb sits close to the hook point, but not too close to adversely affect in-mouth hook-sets. He adds about 2 feet of leader to a cup-shaped cork, and then ties on a homespun weighted worm hook in lieu of a jig head.

The shank angles slightly at the hook eye where Abruscato adds a slug of lead to weight the hook. Thread the stinky Gulp! The V holds the wire inside the bait.

This is one of the shaky jig rigs that Kevin Van Dam used to wield.

By Sam Hudson posted Mar 14th, at 3: Similarly, bucktail jigs with natural or synthetic hairs always make it into our tackle trays and onto our boats. But plenty of other types of jig heads exist beyond the known commodities. The same companies that produce traditional jigs also manufacture lesser-known designs meant for specific fishing styles and techniques.

Traditional jig heads fill the jack-of-all-trades role, but better options might be available for specific styles of fishing. Fish the grass flats regularly? Prefer to chin-weight your live baits? Cast soft baits for tuna or calico bass? Check out these 10 different jig-head designs to consider adding to your tackle arsenal. The Almost Alive Weighted Swimbait Hook prevents baits from surface-skipping, holding the presentation subsurface when trolling.

Almost Alive sells two different styles of weighted hooks. Factory testing found the lead near the hook eye gives soft-plastic baits the optimal appearance and balance when trolling. Almost Alive soon expects to sell a much larger weighted hook, over grams 3. The Bait Delivery System can be used in the same situations as a traditional jig head, such as over sandy flats, around oyster beds or next to structure.

Hooking Up with Shakey Heads

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