The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in Bangalore

Windmill Craftworks is a pleasant surprise. A lounge par excellence. An overall feel of comfort. This is one place that I would not mind to go again and again. The ambiance of warmth of the lounge created through the lighting and seating arrangement. There is so much to do if you come in the morning you can visit the brewery or just browse through an amazing collections of National Geographic magazines or just browse through a fantabulous collection of coffee table books on India , Travel ,Art, Photography etc.

Singapore nightlife and cool bars from The Manhattan Bar to buzzing Dempsey Hill and Zouk

A Labrador with a wet nose sniffed my bags and parts of my anatomy unmolested since my mother demanded to check my underwear before I left for school. Sniffer dogs are is hard at work in The Philippines ensuring that hotel guests change their underwear daily and lobbies are free of B. And then comes the handheld metal detector, the x-ray machine and the walk-through metal detector.

Singles bars, if run properly, can do the weeding out and can be a nice place for singles to double,” he says.

The menu has an excellent selection of Thai and western food and the drink prices are fairly reasonable. The real attraction here, however, is the music. The show starts at This is the place to have a nice pint and watch or talk rugby, football or cricket. Other highlights are the great food and occasional spoken word and open-mic nights. This little hideaway is perfect for those who want to escape from the noise and pressure of the more touristy bars.

Brasserie, 37 Charoenrat Road- This classy place is possibly the best venue for live music in all of Chiang Mai. Local blues and rock legend Tuk is a fixture here as well as numerous other guest artists performing western covers and Thai rock. The seating area is made up of cushions surrounding low tables, most of which are occupied by young bohemians from all over the world. Live music on Fridays and Saturdays keeps the place packed.

In true Thai style spirits are only sold by the bottle. This is a great place to meet locals and see how real modern Thais party.


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Manila business hotels are varied though this area tends to also attract a leisure crowd.

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Where did it come from? The event is free and open to the public.

Kowloon Nightlife

In the age of match. Luckily we have not completed replaced human touch with cyber affection and there are still plenty of hot spots in the Hub packed with ladies and gents up for some heavy petting. And with such a vibrant singles scene in Boston, your options should be vast. So pucker up and get yourself looking pretty before heading out to any of these top 5 hook bars in Boston. Some of the city’s most attractive and available can be seen at Gypsy Bar on any given weekend.

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September 20, In Gurgaon, it is likely to hit a spa goer or a club hopper. Spa centres and night clubs that offer sexual services on the side are fast turning the Millennium City into the Capital’s Bangkok. The sex business kicks off in the night, usually after 9 pm, with club and spa operators deploying touts to solicit potential customers. The conversation begins with negotiation over alcoholic products before moving into ‘hotter’ stuff.

Not just about spa goers and club hoppers Once a customer is inside the bar, a hooker who also doubles up as the bar girl, approaches him with an open bargain ranging from Rs to Rs for 30 minutes. But 50 per cent of the money goes to the bar,” she reveals. According to her, a majority of the bar girls clinch the deal with customers for sexual services while inside the club.

There are over 60 night clubs in Gurgaon alone, according to excise and taxation department officials. A majority of the bar girls clinch the deal with customers for sexual services while inside the club. The modus operandi in spas too is similar with women from the Northeast dominating the sector. Thanks to their facial features, they are presented before unsuspecting customers as “Thai girls” to offer “Thai massage” – a popular therapy on the menu of the parlours along with services such as Tuscany, Thai, Burger, body to body, Swiss, Ukrainian and Indian massages.

Party girls

Bangalore is no doubt one of the best cities in India to live in. With balmy weather throughout the year and unpredictable rainfalls that immediately cool down the temperature, living in Bangalore is a boon. Gardens, parks, theatres and pubs are the places the city heads to during a weekend However, for a biker, weekends mean a new adventure. Exploring every nook and corner of every place possible is an exciting thought for every biker.

Luckily for the folks living in Bangalore, the city is surrounded by many places that offer the perfect relief from the routine hustle bustle.

Gardens, parks, theatres and pubs are the places the city heads to during a weekend However, for a biker, weekends mean a new adventure.

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Expat in Hyd Will you be my friend

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Stew is generally appreciated in larger chunks as main course, always served warm. Slow cooking renders tough cuts of meat delicious. The fact “stew” was a verb before it was a noun means much. Deliberate slow cooking with minimal moisture produces amazing results. The best way to compare definitions of two terms is take them from the same source. It is interesting to note Escoffier does not attempt to define the differences.

Menus confirm meal placement. New York] “Soup as a food consists of water in which meat, fish, poultry, game, vegetables or even fruits are stewed, to extract all the food value with the least possible loss of vitamins and flavour. Cereals and thickening agents are sometimes added to give body. The meat, poultry or game and liquid are served together as a ‘stew,’ Stewing has many advantages from the nutritive and economic standpoints. New York] , 3rd edition “Soup.

Theoretically, a soup can be made in any combination or vegetables, meat or fish cooked in a liquid. Though most soups are hot, some like Vichyssoise and Fruit Soups are served cold


Slippery Senoritas Add to Trip! We love the fact that they seem to raise the bar almost every night — on Monday they are skilfully hurling two liquor bottles through the air and catching them: This is showman bartending at its best.

The scales will fall from your eyes.

There are some stunning buildings like the cleanly soaring IFC, the mirrored chocolate layer Exchange Square, the sky-piercing jagged diamond pattern China Bank, and the Meccano set Hong Kong Bank, all arrayed around the stately, colonnaded former Legislative Council building. Streets teem with brisk-stepping people accoutred in the latest fashions as ongoing reclamation work ensures the harbour promenade is ever receding, leaving ever more space for brisk-stepping people, trundling trams, and sweaty shoppers.

Queen’s Road Central and East demarcated the original northern shoreline in the s. This is where you’ll spot the HSBC bank headquarters with its signature bronze lions. The room Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and unit Four Seasons Place strut out in front of all their competitors, contentedly gobbling up the views. It makes you wonder whether a hotel can get a little too big. The lobbies almost feel like an extension of the posh IFC shopping mall next door.

Still, this proximity to the mall is another useful magnet for work-and-play visitors.

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Our pick of Singapore’s coolest bars, fun pubs, discos and eateries for all stripes. Soap up and step out for some fun with foam. Trendy cocktail and wine bars are now all the rage, with intimate speakeasies and alfresco drinking spots popping up all over the city. Like many Asian countries, karaoke is a beloved pastime, and if you fancy a turn behind a microphone, there are karaoke bars of all stripes — from sketchy to swish — to choose from, mostly with private rooms to sing and drink in gratefully away from the public eye.

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The beer bars account for a majority of the hangouts along Bangla Road and its numerous side streets. Bar Games A bizarre sight unique to beer bars in Soi Seadragon is a collection of hammers, nails and large chunks of wood. Not only is it a good lesson in the inverse relationship between alcohol consumption and coordination, it’s a great place to experience complete humiliation as the noodle-armed bar staff beat you with practised ease.

They’ve been playing every night for weeks, months, or maybe longer; sinking shots and clobbering customers is second nature. Most beer bars hang a bell within easy reach of patrons. Grasp the rope, give it a good ring, and bask in your newfound popularity: Ladyboys, Transvestites and Katoeys Thanks to movies like The Hangover Part II, ladyboys in Patong are treated a little like tourist attractions – a fact that they have chosen to use to their advantage.

Dressed like beauty pageant contestants, they meander through the crowd, selling photo ops to tourists. Point your camera with care – they’ll expect a tip. A Go Go Shows While not as prevalent as many people expect, Patong does have its fair share of go-go bars. It’s an all-night party with a very friendly atmosphere.

Pub in Bangalore The Big Pitcher Best microbrewery

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