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Located in the Marina Vallarta, one of the most exclusive areas of Vallarta-Nayarit, the resort is also just a few steps away from an hole championship golf course. The center of activity is a lush tropical garden courtyard with three sparkling swimming pools, a cascading waterfall, swim-up bar and even a resident iguana. For friends and family getaways or a romantic couples retreat, there are numerous exciting activities for day and night; water sports, tennis on lighted courts, Spa, fitness center, yoga and Kids Club – they’re all here.

Evenings bring the best of Mexico’s entertainment as guests enjoy a Veracruz dance night, Mexican Fiesta, international show, or drinks in the breezy lounge with live music. Dining is a highlight of the experience, with restaurants offering elegant and casual oceanfront settings and cuisine ranging from gourmet Italian and Mexican to seafood and themed dinners.

At the high-end of the budget range, the CasaMagna Marriott is a great option for sumptuous lodgings on the beach, while the Velas Vallarta Suite Resort is a great all-inclusive complex.

Hilary Duff’s Mexican holiday heated up as the weekend began. The year-old was spotted on Friday cavorting about a Puerto Vallarta beach in a colourful barely-there bikini. She was joined in the water by her boyfriend, the gorgeous celebrity personal fitness trainer Jason Walsh. Hilary Duff enjoyed a seaside Friday during her holiday in Puerto Vallarta The Lizzie McGuire star had bundled up her brown-streaked blonde hair messily above her head into a bun.

Her swimsuit featured angular colour-blocking in multiple shades of purple, as well as in sky blue and turquoise, and she’d clasped on a dark blue pendant. Bracelets glinted on both her wrists, and she’d popped on a pair of water shoes, which must have come in handy as she trod across some seaside boulders. Time with her man: She was accompanied by her boyfriend, celebrity trainer Jason Walsh Exploring: Her blue swim shoes look as though they served her well as she climbed about the boulders A closer look: The couple examined something Walsh had picked up during their rocky stroll Be bold in a colour block bikini by ViX like Hilary.

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Staff are so friendly I call them by their names. We spent a week and should have done it longer. Staff are so busy but you still see smile on their face.

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Ends the 12 days of Christmas. Some of the local Puerto Vallarta charities make a point of delivering thousands of toys to needy kids in town. On Jan 26, there will be the 3rd annual Diversity Day at the Gardens from 11am-9pm. A day filled with fun! Diversity Day is a “mix-in” with the other Garden guests, but gay guys and gals are encouraged to wear green shirts to show solidarity and strong numbers. Entertainment venues and hosts for Beef Dip include the two host hotels: Activities also include cocktail, comedy, dance and pool festivities; the BeefDip booze cruise; pool and sunset dinner parties at Mantamar beach resort-restaurant; Bears on Line Canopy River zipline tours; and Wild Trek ATV off road adventures.

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It was to retain its dominance for years. Its name means “at the mouth of the well of the Itza”. The Itza being a group of people who built the second city at the location of a previous city called Chichen, with the site today consisting of two areas. The area containing the major architectural buildings was artificially leveled in order to build. The site contains many buildings in various states of preservation, and many have been restored.

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There are also 7, species of veined plants. One reason for its biodiversity is that is lies in the transition area between the temperate north and tropical south. It also lies at the northern edge of the Sierra Madre del Sur and is on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt , which provides a wide variety of ecological conditions from tropical rainforest conditions to semi arid areas to areas apt for conifer forests. On the west, water flows out in the Santiago River , which crosses the center of Jalisco on its way to the Pacific, carving deep canyons in the land.

The most important of these is the Ameca , with its one main tributary, the Mascota River. The lake acts as a regulator of the flow of both the Lerma and Santiago Rivers.

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Bracelets glinted on both her wrists, and she’d popped on a pair of water shoes, which must have come in handy as she trod across some seaside boulders.

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Puerto Vallarta General Info Introduction Living in or visiting any new city, especially a foreign one, can be a bit overwhelming at first as you work to get your bearings. We have compiled some helpful information on Vallarta in general, to help minimize the stress involved. History Puerto Vallarta is a new city by the standards of Mexico – only about years old. Initially called Los Peines, an earlier name for the Los Arcos Islands nearby, Vallarta was founded as a port for gold, copper and silver mined in the mountain village of Cuale nearby.

Shipped back to the mines was salt, extracted from the Tres Mariettas Islands about 25 miles offshore. Due to the extreme depth of the bay, it never was really useful as a sea port like Acapulco was. Another factor working against Vallarta then too, was the rugged terrain that made for a very difficult trip overland to any major city. These features remoteness due to the mountains and an extraordinarily deep bay , though, combine to make Vallarta the excellent resort location it is today.

Instead, Vallarta has a much more modest and quaint style of stucco whitewashed buildings and orange tiled roofs. The streets are simple cobblestone affairs rather than the glorious granite avenues found in the rich colonial towns. It has left Vallarta with a far less ostentatious, but nevertheless beautiful, look. In when John Huston brought the worlds attention to Vallarta during the filming of the Night of the Iguana, the town was still a very humble fishing village set in a tropical paradise.

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Enjoy exploring Vallarta on our Specialized Roll comfortable bikes! Enough for a satisfying lunch, you will enjoy a sampling of mouth-watering foods at family-owned restaurants and stands, and sip on refreshing local drinks. All food tastings are included in the ticket price. See all Tasting Locations to the right. Our aim is to not only satisfy your stomach but quench your thirst for knowledge.

Between savoring delicious bites and tastings, you will feast your eyes on the beauty of Vallarta.

Our community will introduce you to many handsome gay men who understand your position.

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Friends, on our recent Mexican Riviera Princess Cruise on their Ruby Ship, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, with some of the most enjoyable culinary experiences! Some of the highlights of cruising are the land excursions when the ship ports. And the Princess staff were always there to help us choose what is best for us! When we got off the ship in Puerto Vallarta for our day excursion of kayaking, waterfall visit, and snorkeling safari, my husband and I reminisced back 25 years earlier to our honeymoon and time together in this beautiful city!

We were so impressed with our guide, who was very knowledgable, spirited, enthusiastic, and taught us a lot about the Mexican culture.

We have dedicated separate pages for those, so we won’t repeat much about those ideas here.

Email iStock Crystal blue water, vine-hung foothills and an idyllic old town have made Puerto Vallarta one of Mexico’s most popular travel destinations. For years Puerto Vallarta lived in relative obscurity, eclipsed by more popular resorts like Cancun and Acapulco. But over the last 50 years, word of Puerto Vallarta’s beauty has gotten out. The town is positioned at the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, giving it a similar climate. It is a three hour flight from Los Angeles and a four and a half hour flight from New York.

From water sports to colonial history, there is a perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation for everyone. Beaches Puerto Vallarta boasts miles of pristine beaches. From secluded sanctuaries to hopping hotspots, the resort can meet any expectations. The area is full of hotels, restaurants and bars. The south section of the beach is part of Blue Chairs resort, the most popular gay beach in the area.

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