Fans Thought BTS Jin Was Dating This Idol Because Of Their Close Friendship

But how and when did these guys get so big? This is the untold truth of BTS. After he auditioned for TV talent show Superstar K, Jungkook reportedly received calls from seven different K-pop agencies, but he chose Big Hit over bigger names. According to RM formerly known as Rap Monster, the dream back then was to create a hip-hip idol band. The idea was that the boys would learn more about hip-hop and its culture through working with industry legends such as Warren G. While filming the show, the group put on its first American concert , doing a last-minute gig at L. While going global was always the ultimate goal, Hitman Bang had a much humbler target in mind at the time. It was their online presence that ultimately helped the BTS boys break into the U. Back when they were filming American Hustle Life, they struggled to get random girls on the street to appear in their music video, but this time, the welcome was quite different. They became involved in a heated exchange with paparazzi, but Big Hit execs didn’t care — they were reportedly thrilled that they’d caused such a ruckus.

Why Are Some People Taking the Jimin and Shannon Dating Rumor So Harshly

He had written tons of paper the whole day and now he was dead tired, but it was time for part time work. Wished he could just fall down on the ground and sleep. As he ran walked really slowly and arrived at the store, he noticed Krystal running towards him with a big smile and waving her hand. Clinging to him and laughing loudly in his ear.

Krystal refused to get off and Yoongi just stood there dumbfounded. Then a car suddenly drove past them and parked a few meters from the store.

A song he want to recommend to you:

What do you think is the youngest the members would date? I would say at the moment the most would be years younger than them. I had a friend experience this one time.. His lips crashed into yours, hands already tugging your shirt off. I mean, yeah, totally! Taehyung frowned at you skeptically. Why did he have to look so gorgeous? That dream where his beautiful body was on top of yours, those plump lips ravishing your skin… You shook your head again, cursing inwardly and telling yourself to forget the dream and focus on your friend!

Your face looks kinda red. Did I do something to you? What did I murder you in the dream or something?

Park Jimin

Angsty, Swearing, Mentions of cheating, Almost sexual assault. Jin slammed the front door as he walked in behind you. The way you had treated his friend was not going to be tolerated. The dress Jin bought for you tonight suddenly burning the skin it covered. You felt sympathetic to her then but it soon turned to hatred as you noticed the lingering glances, the imposing touches, and the way she looked at him longingly.

Would things have been different?

Once the rumours began to escalate, Big Hit Entertainment admitted that V and Hi had been talking but that they weren’t dating and were just friends.

It’s all a product of our imagination. These are original works made by us, so please, do not redistribute them anywhere without our consent. Hoseok was picked for this by the producer, you two had tried to change so it was Jimin instead of the rapper, but the staff told you that it was impossible since they wanted specifically Hoseok on the stage. BTS had already performed, they sang Blood Sweat and Tears and Fire and prior to that Jungkook had done a special stage with the maknaes of other groups, they all knew that Hoseok also had a special stage that was coming next.

It had been surprise for all of them when they found out the person with who he was going to dance was no other than you. Jimin had been caught off guard when you told him, it was a dance stage, Jimin was proud that you had been selected for it since you worked hard practicing your dance skills, but he was also a bit worried that it was Hoseok dancing with you and not… well, and not him. Earned it by The Weekend. He put his hand over his mouth and leaned forward with his eyes glued on you.

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Credit to gif owner xoxo Jimin: It was during his touring in Japan. Of course, your older brother took a picture as evidence before he pulled Jimin off the girl and sucker punched him. Later that evening, when you got the text from Yoongi, your heart stopped as you read the message and you cried. You had moved out of your apartment in Seoul and moved back to Daegu. You lived on your own and easily found a job as well as helped your parents.

All your things I had are in the dorm. I made sure I gave you back everything. There is nothing to explain or to talk about. Your heart shattered when you heard him scream in agony before he started crying. You ran off not wanting to crawl back to him. You knew you had to get away from him. He stood outside your apartment complex ringing your doorbell constantly. He had no right to cry and you both knew it.

23 fun facts about BTS birthday boy Jimin

Picking up your end you stuck it back in your ear clicking the next button on your iPod. Days like these were the best. You and Jimin would go to study hall to play around and listen to the latest K-pop songs; which was basically every day.

Taehyung discreetly pulled out the small picture out of the Polaroid camera, giving out a unaudible moan at the beauty of it.

I think this would be a typical issue in relationships between two idols. He got the call from one of the younger boys telling him that he HAD to look your name up on twitter. He had no idea what he was supposed to be looking for. At first, he expected to see pictures of you looking great for your interview or something. The boys were constantly trying to make him flustered at the sight of you looking sexy.

But his attitude completely changed when he saw the pictures of you and your co-star, Kyungsoo, together. Everyone was talking about how cute a couple the two of you made. Originally posted by bts-gfx Suga:

BTS Jimin Dating Rumour with Shannon

Afterwards they ventured further south to perform for Melbourne fans and also take part in media promotions. Along with individual interviews, there was a press conference held where the members took questions from a crowd of media. In particular one question has gone on to blow up in a pretty huge controversy. A representative from Kmusic asks: And just today the TRB in New York concert has been ended early with the high touch event being cancelled completely after death threats were made.

Personally I believe Rapmon’s comment and the resulting backlash exposes several issues within Kpop and a global audience.

When we were promoting ‘Mamma Mia,’ our promotion periods overlapped.

Ask box is currently closed! Everyone always requests rough sex with Yoongi haha. I guess he seems like the dominant type? If you guys would like anymore more changes, let me know! Yoongi always wanted to try rough sex, but you never complied. Although your regular missionary position was sustaining him, he never got his full satisfaction from it.

Talking K

The city and its residents had slowed down considerably to adapt to the hot weather. Not even Yoongi or Namjoon seemed to have the energy to pick up their pens and write, as they usually would have done. Instead, they all lazed in the living room, surrounded by the delicious smell of stir fry that still lingered in the air.

Now almost as paranoid as her AHS:

This is my first request, so I hope I did okay: He had noticed the pink slip of paper in your locker in the morning but waved it off with it being the same note he confessed to you with, and blushed, thinking that you saved it and stored it in your locker for safe keeping. But, later it turned out, that it had been a love note from a younger boy who had prepared a cake, roses and a invitation to a date on the school rooftop. Yoongi had been your secret admirer for years now. Every day, without a miss, he left a note and a gift either in your locker or on your doorstep.

Hobi was your sweetheart best friend. You did everything together, and he stood next to you when that dumb girl decided to ask you out. He had to change that. Jimin was your internet best friend, an complete stranger yet classmate in real life, but the closest person to you, even if you had never talked outside of chatrooms. He was the first one to find out about the boy confessing to you, after all, he stalked you all the time.

What Wrong BTS Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi !??

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