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This is a recurring PGP series. Catch up with all installments of Mailbag by visiting the archive. Send your questions to dillon grandex. We were catching up for quite some time but I had to eventually cut the conversation off after 10 minutes in a pretty abrupt way. Thank you, Chad great generic white guy name. Anything over one minute conveys blatant disregard for my workout routine and that is unacceptable gym behavior.

10 things no one tells you before you join a gym

I started lifting weights when I was 10 years old in My uncle brought home pieces of scrap steel from his factory job that I used for dumbbells and barbells. It was a small, eclectic group of societal misfits who shared a passion for weight training and strength.

And by the way, the ring leader of this witch hunt was a male coworker whose projects were not in any way shape or form connected to mine.

I like to mix things up in my training so I do a little bit of everything. I love to run with the bag, or do any number of other sandbag workouts. The Big Purchase The big purchase has to be the first thing you do when you are starting a serious garage gym. It means you are fully committed and the big purchase will help keep you accountable.

This is the stuff you cannot build yourself or may be too challenging to find used, like a barbell, plates, kettlebells, etc. Another reason the big purchase is what we do first is because it can take two weeks for the order to come in.

The 5 S’s of Gym Etiquette Life

Share them with your students, teachers, or anyone needing a reminder. Never wear dance shoes outside the studio or wear street shoes in the studio. And check for loose screws …on your taps before you step foot on the dance floor. Come to class showered with brushed teeth or freshened breath.

Make sure your shades reflect your professionalism.

New traditions have popped up and there tends to be confusion about proper sauna bath etiquette, especially in European countries, where the old live-and-let-live nudity custom has been replaced with modesty. Sauna etiquette can be broken down into some simple basics: Sauna Bathing Etiquette Around the World The sauna was invented in Finland, and the Finnish sauna tradition is widespread in areas such as Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe where nude bathing in mixed company is still de rigueur and sauna bathing etiquette dictates that the clothing ban is strictly enforced.

Keep in mind that in any nude sauna , sitting on a towel on the bench is a requirement, not a request. Further east in Russia, public saunas tend to be hotter and are usually single sex. One important point to remember regarding sauna etiquette in German-speaking countries: The procedure is called the Aufguss onpouring by the Saunameister.

After pouring water on the stones, the saunameister will take a towel and gently wave it to circulate the hot loyly steam. You can find saunas in the UK as well as France, Italy and Spain but they are not as common or popular. In those countries, single sex saunas are more common and nudity is okay, but it is not allowed in mixed saunas.


I smelled him before I saw him. Actually, he smelled so bad I could almost taste the stench he was giving off. If reading this comment disgusts you, then imagine how I felt.

Strip the bed before your leave.

Four years later, she is less available. My job is the resason: Now, she wants to move into my house. I imagine, at 65 she may be planning for the future and thinking your interest is waning with your dead end weekend-only arrangements. We took it very slow. We have both been hurt and have six adult kids between us. Our on-and-off again relationship took a turn for the better after he received an inheritance and could pay off all his debts. Flush, he moved in with me, redecorated my kitchen, the master bath, and transferred my pathetic garden to Sunset magazine cover.

Then, much to my dismay, he got bored and started playing golf with the boys and having drinks. My home is beautiful and empty.

10 Ways to Lose Weight without Going to the Gym

Diane Gottsman Is your office planning a Halloween party or Fall celebration? You will definitely stand out — but not in a good way. When you make that trip to the Halloween store, you may be surprised to find that many of the grown up outfits are provocative or otherwise inappropriate.

Overhead presses Overhead military press, dumbbell shoulder press, etc.

How To Text A Girl: Time is ticking, so keep reading and listen carefully. This guide is chock full of real life example texts, conversation topics and tips to make her smile every time she reads your texts. With an emoticon or with her actual lips? Obviously you want her lips right?! Face to face meet ups are where the real magic happens.

When you can get truly intimate with her. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal. How to text girls to meet up with you Before you can get her out on a date, you need to make her both comfortable and excited about the idea of meeting up with you. No matter how amazing your chemistry is with a girl in person, texting resets the frame and everything starts from square one again. Here are 11 ways to stand out from all the competition and become the most exciting guy in her phonebook.

Keep it positive When texting a girl you like, keep your interactions positive at all times.

Etiquette Quotes ( quotes)

Landing yourself a first date is only the first step in securing a smooth transition into an eventful and exciting night. A first date is about an impression. A woman wants to feel that the man she’s with has not only thought about the date, but also prepared accordingly. Let me help you decipher her unspoken expectations for the evening and what she wants you to do but would never actually say.

Go the extra mile

Take off your sunglasses indoors.

Diane Gottsman Sunglasses are far more than just a practical accessory to protect your eyes from the sun. Follow these tips to wear sunglasses in a way that helps, not hurts, your image. Remove your sunglasses when conducting business. Being able to look someone in the eye is an important part of communicating. Talking with someone whose eyes are hiding behind a pair of dark lenses hinders one of the key ways we read others emotions.

Make sure your shades reflect your professionalism. Blinged-out, hot purple frames may be great with summer shorts and flip flops, but not with your work attire. Stick with a pair of classic black or tortoiseshell frames during the workday.

Etiquette Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

The ultimate 20 step guide to etiquette for the modern gentleman. We are all guilty of overlooking our manners and in some cases, not even knowing them. Our generation is the busiest yet, with little time for implementing old school manners. With all this rushing around, no wonder we are forgetting basics.

Staying with loved ones can be a great time, and everyone loves free lodging.

Opinion Here’s what you need to know Unless you think the hospital is going to call to say they’ve got a kidney donor for you, keep the cell phone in the locker. The power rack is for squats and deadlifts, not stretchy-cord rotator cuff exercises. Keep the Swiss balls and BOSU balls stowed where they belong, which is punctured and in the trash bin. Women should stop wearing gym clothes that make them look like off-duty strippers. They look great, but it’s distracting.

If all you wear are shirts with cut-off sleeves or Under Armour skin-tight workout shirts, you need to work on your self-esteem. As such, serious lifters don’t like to see it used for frivolous purposes.

Gym Etiquette 101

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